Spring Fling – Penny Pinchers

Sunday, March 3, 2019 from 2:00 – 4:00 PM

$25 person + tax, $5 for Club Members


Around the corner, it’s the Ides of March and the Spring Equinox.   Today, we’ll be rocking the house with our most popular theme – Penny Pinchers!!!    There is no question that some of the most legendary wines of the world grace our shelves, but we don’t always want to give up our arm, our leg or even Matt’s first born (not that the world is ready for another Matt) to purchase a daily drinker!!  We’ll pour our latest and greatest value wines for your drinking and penny-pinching pleasure AND it’s super cheap for CLUB MEMBERS!!!!   Enjoy the day – Enjoy the wine – Enjoy life.  Take a case home.   Et tu Brute???


Tasting List Under Construction..here’s a start

2017 Salvard Cheverny 

2015 Chateau Calcombe Ventoux Rouge “Les Hauts de Valcombe”

2016 Domaine du Seminaire Cotes du Rhone Villages Valreas

2017 Pavillon Cote de Brouilly 

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